A virtual school visit

Gabriel drew this awesome chicken! (We were drawing chickens with different emotions.)

For me, one of the unfortunate side effects of COVID-19 is that I haven’t been able to do any school visits. But that didn’t stop us last week! I had my first virtual school visit, as part of the Vancouver Writers Fest’s “Writers in the Classroom” series.

I got together on Zoom with the Grade 3 class at Saint Augustine’s Elementary School here in Vancouver, and we talked about comics and did a bunch of drawing exercises. It was great! Here are a couple of examples of the student artwork.

Big thanks to Soo from Saint Augustine’s and Leena from the Writers Fest for making this happen.

Thanks Gabby for sharing these amazing dragons! Nice colour!

And if you’re a teacher or professor and want me to visit your class, get in touch via my CWILL-BC page. I’m going to be pretty busy with book projects over the next six months or so, but I always try to sneak a school visit onto my schedule whenever I can!

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