Doug SavageHello! I’m Doug Savage. I’m a cartoonist / author / illustrator, best known for my online comic, Savage Chickens, and for my all-ages graphic novel series, Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy.

I’m currently working on the fifth book in the Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy series, which is about a moose who shoots lasers out of his eyes and his rabbit sidekick. Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing (publishers of Big Nate, Calvin & Hobbes, and more), these books have received glowing reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, The Bulletin of the Centre for Children’s Books, and more.

I publish new Savage Chickens comics every weekday on www.savagechickens.com (and my archives appear on GoComics.com). My Savage Chickens comics have been featured all over the world, in university textbooks, corporate presentations, magazines, and more. Notable appearances include: The Huffington Post, Adam Grant’s excellent book “Think Again”, Grammarly, custom work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, I Can Has Cheezburger, Die Zeit (German newspaper), BoingBoing, and more. And, for some reason, my comics appear in many psychology textbooks, including: “My Psychology” by Andrew M. Pomerantz, “Psychology: A Concise Introduction” by Griggs & Jackson, “Forensic Psychology” by Porter & Wrightsman, “Psychology” by Peter Gray, and more.

I have been a special guest at Hal-Con, Rose City Comic-Con, Capital City Comic Con, the prestigious San Diego Comic Con, and more. I have been a guest speaker at elementary schools across Canada, talking to kids about making their own comics. At the university level, I’ve been a guest speaker at the University of British Columbia and at Simon Fraser University. I was also a guest reader for the respected Gotham Reads series, where my fellow readers included Kevin Bacon, Jane Fonda, Kamala Harris, and more.

And I absolutely love making comics. I got into this comics-making business by accident, in a way, and it has completely changed my life for the better!

Interviews and Appearances

Want to interview me or invite me to your event? Give me a shout! Here are some things I’ve done in recent times: