A week of school visits in the Fraser Valley

Had a great visit at Lynn Fripps Elementary in Langley, BC. (Photo by Jennifer Fernandes.)
A big thanks to Diana Marshall, Amy Gosling, and Rachel Burke from the Fraser Valley Regional Library for sending me on a nine-school tour of elementary schools in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia! What a fun week it was!
While in Hope, BC, I got this cool fan art. Thanks Keagan! Nice pterodactyl!
I talked to hundreds of students, mostly Grades 3 to 5, about how to become a cartoonist, and we did lots of fun drawing exercises together. When I do these talks, I’m always impressed by the creativity of the students. So many fun ideas and cool drawings!
Quite possibly the most beautiful school parking lot I’ve ever been to. Silver Creek Elementary in Hope, BC, is surrounded by mountains. So nice!
And a big thank-you to the teachers and librarians who hosted me. I got some great feedback about my presentations. Some schools reported that their students were drawing chickens everywhere for hours after I’d left. And Cherry Hill Elementary even said that my visit was “Hands down the most engaging book talk ever!” Wow! 🙂
Answering questions at Cherry Hill Elementary in Mission, BC. (Thanks to school principal Shane Sliziak for the photo!)

Thanks to Grace at Cherry Hill Elementary for giving me these fun drawings!
For me, these visits are very inspiring. In a world that often discourages people from spending time doing artistic things, it’s a great feeling to encourage kids to do more art and to see them get so excited about it. Driving from school to school all week should have tired me out (all that extroversion!) but instead I feel energized by the enthusiasm of everybody I met this week.
The show must go on! While I was travelling around BC, I continued to do my daily Savage Chickens comics, taking photographs of them in the hotels I was staying in. Here’s an alternative pic of this comic, with a desk chair pattern for a background.

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One thought on “A week of school visits in the Fraser Valley

  • November 11, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Thats so neat, Doug. Proud of you. What’s it like to be a cartoon maven? Snowing like blazes here in Kingston. Love to you and Janet. I think of you both fondly.
    Maggie Woodbridge (Hayter)


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