The music of Disco Fever

The music of Disco Fever
Sometimes your comic needs a little disco music.
With a title like Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy: Disco Fever, you can imagine that there’s a bit of music involved in the new book (now in stores!). I even wrote some song lyrics for a fictional disco song:

It’s a disco avalanche
The groove is rolling down
And you know you’ve gotta dance
Gotta get out on the town

The beat is getting faster
It’s a Disco Avalanche
It’s a natural disaster
It’s a Disco Avalanche!

And I provide a few pages of disco dancing instruction in the book. So I had to learn how to disco dance a bit first. I’m more of a Laser Moose than a Rabbit Boy when it comes to dancing, so I needed help. I got loads of books about disco dancing out of the library, and was practicing dance moves in our kitchen.

Disco Research
Here’s a sample of the 70s-era instructional guides that taught me all I know about disco dancing.
For inspiration, I listened to a lot of disco, funk, and R&B while working on the book. Here’s a playlist of songs that I listened to a lot while I was drawing. Enjoy!

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