New author photos!

Doug Savage
In my spare time, I like to sit on mossy logs.

A big thanks to Vancouver photographer Makito Inomata for the new author photos!

As part of getting ready for the Laser Moose book launch, I needed to get some author photos (because they come in handy for press kits and articles and that sort of thing). It’s a weird experience to have your picture taken for several hours, but Makito made the whole thing a lot of fun.

Because my new book takes place in the forest, I thought it would be fun to have author photos taken outside, so we hiked around Stanley Park for these shots.

Doug Moose
Moose camouflage.

Besides the normal author shot, we also did a bunch of goofier pictures with me wearing a moose hat, looking like I’m searching the forest for moose. Didn’t spot any moose, this time, but seeing a cartoonist outside (instead of hunched over a drawing table) is an equally rare sight!

Anyway, be sure to check out Makito’s website for more of his excellent work.

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